We love our furry friends at Southbound RV Park and Cabins! But living in community brings the necessity of boundaries and rules. Here at Southbound, we just have a few commonsense rules relating to pets and they are as follows:

  • Any pet that shows aggression to another animal or to a human will not be allowed to stay onsite.

  • Pets must always be on a leash and accompanied by their owner when outside of an RV or cabin.

  • No stake outs

  • No outside kenneling

  • Small portable fences are allowed only if the pet is always accompanied by their owner when allowed to run in the fence.

  • Please clean up after your pet whether in your RV site, in the grass beside your site, in the dog park, or in community areas.  No one likes dog poo on their shoes. Poo stations are conveniently located in common use areas.

  • Only 3 pets allowed per RV.

  • Only 1 pet under 30 lbs allowed in a cabin with a $400 pet deposit and a $25 weekly cleaning fee.


Pet Policy