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Children's Museum Grand Opening!

Saturday was the Grand Re-opening of our local children's museum. Naturally, having four little people six and under, we had to try it out. Taking four children anywhere by myself is at best comical, at worst insane but if there is an appropriate venue for the insanity, this is it. So we loaded up the suburban and off we were. When we first walk into the museum, we were greeted by what I'll call the check in counter. After handing over the green we headed to the right which led to a large room with many different learning/play stations for the children. My boys were immediately intrigued by a magnetic wall board that had tubes, wheels, funnels, and such stuck on it. The boys quickly realized that they could manipulate the track that the balls would take by moving the magnetic pieces different ways. This board occupied one of the boys for a very, long time. Another activity that my boys enjoyed for a long time (I almost considered looking into it as an RV Park investment, It was so cool) was a machine that was simply blowing air up through a large tube. The boys were able to place paper cups at the bottom of the tube and watch the air blow the cups up the tube and out the top. They did this over, and over, and over, and you get the point. For the smaller tot, we found a "circus arena" with a cushioned ring area complete with stuffed lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh no! Sorry, got distracted for a moment. This area was great to let the little dude wobble around without worrying about sharp corners. There were tubes to roll in (because that's what babies like to do) and velco to stick tubes and pieces here or there. For the little bit older kids, the area had dress up clothes so they could immerse themselves in the circus fantasy land. They put on a wonderful show for me complete with ferocious tigers. Because there were so many people, we didn't get to play in every area. We did find a mat in one corner that had a play town with different pieces and play people for the little guys. I also noticed several areas that the older ones could build with blocks of all sizes and shapes. There was also a table that kids could build a house with linking logs and then mimic an earth quake and watch it fall. A table was set up with a microscope and preset slides for the older kids to explore on. I'm sure there were things that we missed this go round, but this is definitely on our list to do again. A fun place for little people to explore and give moms a breather. They offer yearly memberships (several different options starting at $150 a year) or one time entry fees of 7.50 per person (23 months and under free).

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