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Bach Again

Victoria's Annual Bach Festival was June 6th - June 10th, 2017. For those not familiar with what the Victoria Bach Festival is all about, the following mission statement from their website sums it up:

"To educate and inspire musicians and audiences of all ages and backgrounds through high-quality and diverse orchestral, choral, and chamber music performances".

This is the first year that I have been able to attend any of the Victoria Bach Festival performances and I'm so glad that I made the effort! Because I also wanted my little people to enjoy the performances, we stuck to attending the less formal settings. Our first event was at Liberty Coffee Haus. I loved this venue! It was so relaxed, which is a must with four kiddos in tow, and the music was wonderful! My little people were mostly mesmerized by the music, although the lure of chocolate milk was somewhat of a distracting temptation. The only real challenge was that it was so packed! Other attenders, however, where quite pleasant and even seemed pleased that I was crazy enough to bring four kids, six and under out for the performance. But, we have a great community so I'm not sure why I would expect anything else. This was a free event and was perfect for my squad as our first Victoria Back Festival experience. Liberty Coffee Haus hosted morning performances every morning the four weekdays of the festival and admission was always free.

Our next event was the Flamenco Symphony and was an outside event at De Leon Plaza downtown. This was also a free event, and I was less adventurous in that I drug along the hubby as an extra set of hands to keep kids wrangled this go round. We thoroughly enjoyed this event, as did many other Victorians. There were also a couple food trucks parked nearby, which was great because we hadn't eaten dinner yet.

One event we were unable to attend, but were very interested in was the Big Bang for the kiddos on Saturday morning at the library. This event looked like something my kiddos would have loved since it involved drumming on things, but I just couldn't fit it in the schedule. Maybe next year.

If you are in Victoria Texas next year during the Victoria Bach Festival, head over to their website and take a peek at their performance schedule. You are sure to find an performance that will peak your interest. Thank you to all who have a hand in bringing these musicians to our community and organizing these performances! And of course, thank you to the musicians also who shared with us their talents.

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