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Don't wait for next year's Bach Festival

In the mood for some classical guitar music this evening? You might want to make Francis Marie's your choice for dinner then. At Francis Marie's from 6:30pm to 9:30pm tonight your dinner will be serenaded by the very talented David Faskas. Chris and I have enjoyed dinner while listening to David play more than once and it's always a delight. While I sit trying to allow the beauty of the classical guitar music to permeate my senses, Chris enjoys pestering me by making me try to guess what songs David is playing only to tell me I am definitely wrong. David's repertoire is quite diverse and includes many songs that even classic rock and oldie enthusiasts enjoy (most of which I do not know which gives Chris an advantage, except Hotel California, I did recognize that one). In our experience at Frances Marie's, the food and service has always been great also. Check it out. You'll be glad that you did. Frances Marie's 2505 Houston Hwy, Victoria TX 77901.


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