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Merry Christmas All!


This has been a challenging year for so many. We feel it too! From navigating confusing rules, to trying to make sure our guests can stay with us safely, to some of our own being out at times, to a shift in our normal seasonal clientele, 2020 has been a ride! But in the midst of the challenges, we have also experienced great opportunities. Just look at how much our team has grown this year! We feel extremely blesssed that while many have been forced to lay off employees this year, we've been hiring! These ladies have quickly acclimated to our culture of teamwork and genuine southern hospitality and we couldn't be more thrilled to have them.

The challenges of this year have certainly slowed down our improvement progress. We started building the first of our new site built cabins in February. And, you know what happened in March. But in spite of it all, we were able to complete the water system upgrades, upgrades to our WiFi internet system, and we are almost finished with three brand new, site built cabins with the best views yet! Views that are about to get even better, I might add. More on that later...

We believe 2021 will bring many good things. We continue to focus on the safety of our guests because we believe that camping has become even more important than it already was. What better way for folks to get away from the stressors for awhile and experience God's creation in a way that brings a sense of calm and refreshment? An experience that we all desperately need right now. It is our great pleasure to provide such an RV camping experience in the Victoria area. We are the safe, clean, and quiet RV park choice. And if you don't have an RV, no problem! We offer cozy furnished cabins for short and extended stay rental.

Stay tuned because we have a some pretty big news to share soon! I can hardly wait!

Here's to 2021!

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