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Seeing 20/20

Hi there! Welcome to our home: Southbound RV Park and Cabins. We are the Ragsdales and we are so glad that you are here! If you’re wondering where we’ve been and what we’re up to, here’s a quick summary!

Where we've been:

For part of my childhood, I lived in a place called Cotton Patch. It’s not a town, but rather a slab where the local farmers and ranchers would meet to dance in the old days. The closest mapped city to Cotton Patch is Yorktown Texas, which has a population of around 2000. These years were filled with the sights and sounds of the remote Texas countryside. Our driveway was a mile long, off the already remote farm road. For my six siblings and I, fields of corn and cotton, large pastures of cows, water troughs to play in, creek beds to explore, old barns to sweep and turn into forts, chickens to chase, an old milk cow to harrass, wildflowers to pick, coyotes howling at night, and great climbing trees consumed our days and painted our imaginations. We didn’t feel lonely, we felt lucky. Even now, there is a peace and calm that comes over my soul when I sit in nature and allow myself to rest and contemplate. As the adage says, “If you are lucky enough to be country, you are lucky enough.”

What we've been up to:

The vision of Southbound RV Park and Cabin was born in 2009. It was a year after Chris and I were first married. We knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs, and we were praying for God to lead us to the right business venture. While scouting property for another business idea we were considering, our realtor brought us to see a 7-acre tract of land that was landlocked but shared a driveway with a neighbor to gain access to highway 59. As we drove into the property, we both knew this was a place that we could develop into a beautiful park for many to enjoy for years to come. After a brief negotiation, we secured the first tract of land that included only a mobile home, beautiful views, and lots of trees. And then the work began… In the early years, without major investors, our path was to slowly make improvements year by year, doing much of the hard labor ourselves. Although there have been delays, setbacks, sacrifices, and disappointments along the way, there have also been so many blessings, providences, successes, wonderful people, and opportunities!

Where we're going:

For most of us, 2020 has been a year fraught with challenges, disappointments, anxieties, and sickness. But many times, with major challenges come major opportunities. That has been our experience in 2020. Our vision for Southbound RV Park and Cabins has always been to create a place where we can share my love of nature and “living country” that my childhood inspired with everyone. A place to enjoy the quiet, rustic beauty of Texas in a practically convenient location. That's why we are so excited to announce that we have purchased an adjacent 41 acres that the park currently overlooks to better serve that vision. The beauty of this tract of land is breath taking. And we will be working to develop it in the coming years in such as way as to preserve that rustic beauty and natural wildlife habitat while allowing our park guests to enjoy it as well. With this addition, Southbound RV Park and Cabins has been transformed into a 54-acre RV Park and campground. We could not be more excited and look to 2021 and beyond with a confident expectation of good things to come! Thank you to all those who have been a part our journey and we invite you to stay tuned!

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